Saturday, 17 March 2102
Imprint Launch The WiPS party of the year! Come and celebrate the launch of our latest Imprint anthology.

Come help unveil the face of IMPRINT 11
a stunning 55-author anthology


Imprint had a splendid send off in Bert's Bar at the Foreign Correspondents' Club on Saturday, 17March 2012. Fifty-five members contributed to this year's anthology and most of those who live in Hong Kong were able to attend. The atmosphere was extremely lively and there was much congenial conversation.congenial conversation.

During the course of the evening, prizes were awarded to the winners of the annual short story competition for secondary school students. First place went to Emily Archibald, second place to Charlotte Head, both of the Australian International School, and third place to Diane Magnin of the French International School.

WiPS members Shannon Young, Mary-Jane Newton and Janet Mann Pieces read excerpts from their own pieces - all had contributed to Imprint - and Kay Ross then entertained assembled members and guests with an interactive storytelling session, which caused much hilarity.

Establishment of The Saphira Prize for unpublished writing was announced. Details of this can be found on the home page.

The evening ended with the drawing of door prizes.