Tuesday, 18 September 2012
The Book Attic's Magic: what it does and how it is run.

By Carol Dyer
The WiPS event on Tuesday 18 September was informative and highly enjoyable.
After explaining how and why she came to set up her business, how it functions and the symbolism of its logo, proprietor Jennifer Li went on to relate with the art of a storyteller a number of unlikely anecdotes from its almost 5 years of operation. These are worthy of a memoir which she assures us she will one day write!
Jennifer is a WiPS member, and she and her book shop are charming. Jennifer accepts donations of enjoyed, good quality books, which she then recycles at very affordable prices to other book lovers. You receive credit points for what you donate which can be used against purchases. If you don't know the shop and are in the area, Jennifer will be very pleased to have you visit.
The shop is at 2 Elgin Street and open from noon to 6pm. Be warned! It can be hard to find the first time. It is at the very bottom of Elgin Street where it joins Hollywood Road (on the right going down). The Book Attic logo is displayed at street level above the ground-floor shops. You enter the building through a nondescript metal door; the shop is one flight up. .
The Book Attic is also available for book launches and/or readings.
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