Wednesday 14 November 2012
Literature on the Water ---- Join us on a


By Leela Panikar

Twenty WiPS members and guests assembled at Pier 9 in Central and took off on a bobbing junk for a three-hour sail. The harbour between Hong Kong and Kowloon blazed with festive lights from both sides.

While the landlubbers quickly sat down to catch up with friends and meet new members, Shobha and Polly weaved around deck like seasoned sailors to get our party going. Shobha set the table with snacks and Polly popped champagne corks like shots in the dark -- yes, champagne. Before long the perfectly cool evening took on a magical energy and the members were flush with camaraderie.

After a good hour of happy sailing we stopped mid-channel, quiet in Junk Bay. We could not have asked for a better spot for a night of literature and poetry; the sea dark and neon lights cascading on the distant waterfronts. Engine cut, anchor down, we shared readings. Carol read a verse about sailing barques and gave a short history of where we were. Other members recited poems and read from their own writings and from their favourite writers to an appreciative audience of writers themselves.

The readings over, Shobha and Polly got to work again with help from Thilaka and members to set the table with food and drink and the party really got going.

It was after 10pm when we docked and said reluctant goodbyes.

A big thank you is due to member Elise van Stolk of Santa Fe Relocations for the generous gift of a junk for the evening; and to Thilaka of Classified Bakery for the delicious quiches and brownies. Personal thanks to members Carol, Nirmala, Polly and Shobha for organising the drinks and food and for helping to make this a great night.