Thursday 16 January 2013
Hong Kong Arts Development Council Literary Arts Grants: What they are and how to apply


By Coco Richter

WiPS members Suvi Lampila and Catkaling gave a terrific presentation to a packed audience at the FCC concerning the process of obtaining grants from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

For Suvi, she learned about the grant programme when attending last year's Imprint launch. For Catkaling, she knocked on the doors of book stores throughout Hong Kong and was encouraged to apply for the grant. Grant applications are taken in June and December each year. To apply, you need a completed manuscript, production cost estimates and a specific marketing/distribution plan. Suvi received a HK$16,000 grant for her book "7 Days and Counting", which covered a portion of her production costs. Catkaling applied for a grant under a different category and received a HK$23,000 grant for her book "A Cup of Chinese Wisdom". This covered approximately 40% of her production costs.

The value for both authors is beyond the financial; it's the recognition by a notable arts council that their work is of high quality and should be supported.

Congratulations to both women for receiving the grant. Their books are available for purchase at local books stores.