Tuesday, 9 April 2013
An Impromptu Evening for WIPS Members


By Rehana Sheikh

WiPS April event was to be a planned speaker, unfortunately the speaker cancelled but members and guests banded together and made it an enjoyable evening nonetheless. The turnout was unexpectedly good and Shannon Young had a plan ready to make it an evening of discussion and discourse.

After the usual suspects - drinks and nibbles - and the initial introduction and opening, we split into random groups and were handed four topics to discuss.

          •    A house merged to become the world's largest publisher-Random/Penguin 
          •    Print is dead... long live the Kindle millionaires  
          •    Trads, Indies, Hybrids - self-publishing or traditional publishing 
          •     Arrgh! Here there be pirates - what about Digital Rights Management (DRM)?

We shared what we knew and expressed opinions and views on one topic and then switched groups for the next, and so on. We really got going with lively discussions and an interest to know more about each issue.

Several guests were there so this was a great way to sit down with them, chat and tell them about WIPS and get to know them a little during the discussions.

Free books of assorted titles were laid out for members to take home compliments of Polly Yu.

This turned out to be a relaxed evening that we all enjoyed, casually chatting and networking.

Thanks to the WiPS committee ladies who arranged it all.