Thursday, November 14
How to Make an E-book


By Irene Vinyard Bennett

"It's an exciting, empowering time to be publishing" was the message and tone of Shannon Young's excellent presentation on making an e-book. "The market is millions of readers world-wide, and publishing an e-book is easy," she began. "You don't need permission, IT knowledge, or an ISBN." She discussed the reasons for, and requirements of, e-publishing and gave detailed information about preparing and publishing a document. Her recommendations included having a polished manuscript, clear goals, and a promotion plan before publishing. Goals for her early e-publishing ventures were to establish an Internet presence, build her brand/audience, and experiment with varied forms of writing using a pen name. Shannon said the story of e-book publishing is not the headliners, but the mid-list authors who sell multiple times their traditional print sales.

As she stepped through the process of publishing her own Kindle e-book on Amazon, the capacity audience learned about formatting for the web (forget your print perspective), covers, making a "live" contents page, pricing and royalties, getting paid, paying taxes, seeing instant sales information, and revising or removing your e-book after publication. The attached handout includes her presentation highlights and resources.

Shannon, an excellent teacher, published her short novel, THE ART OF ESCALATOR JUMPING, "right before our eyes." Check it out online and stay tuned for a follow-up workshop in middle to late 2014 to lead participants through the process of publishing personal e-books.