Monday, December 9
WiPS Winter Soirée


By Brooke "Coco" Richter

The WiPS Winter Soirée proved to be another great gathering where members had the opportunity to showcase their work. We enjoyed presentations from the following eight members:

Jane Houng has published children's books and youth fiction and entertained us with a children's book reading and from her youth fiction book Bloodswell. Leela Devi Panikar has published two short story collections, Floating Petals and Bathing Elephants. She read from a love story involving foot binding. Also on that subject, Shirley Ma presented her non-fiction publication Footbinding, containing reflections on the 1000 year history of this practice and its implications for modern day China. Gillian Bickley has published numerous poetry collections, including Moving House, Perceptions and China Suite & Other Poems. In addition, she has published In Time of War which chronicles life in pre-war Hong Kong. Suvi Lampila author of 7 Days and Counting presented a humorous reading from her book of a woman's awkward solicitation of her male friend. Betty Bownath very recently launched Midnight Muse, a poetry collection, and shared that she was greatly encouraged after receiving praise from Carol Dyer on her submission for Imprint. It is wonderful to know our Imprint is having a powerful impact on its members! Guilda Kabalan publishes children's materials that promote reading and learning. Finally, Celia Claase presented her book cover designs, all created from her own original photography. It's an expedient way to get your book ready for print, especially in the age of self-publishing

If you missed the event, all of these publications are available for purchase from our members and/or on Amazon. Feel free to contact them for more information.

In addition to celebrating some of our resident talent and having a perfectly enjoyable evening, we raised $2,400 for Typhoon Haiyan relief.