Thursday, 16 January 2014
Making Stuff Up


By Maura Wong

On Jan 16, a group of 15 people gathered at the FCC to hear from Kay Ross about how improvisation (improv) skills can help us in real life and work situations. The group ranged from people with prior experience to those who are utterly new to improv. Nonetheless, everyone participated in the games led by Kay and had fun letting loose their creativity through spontaneous collaboration.

A WiPS veteran, a marketing consultant as well as an editor and copywriter, Kay performs with the local improv troupe People's Liberation Improv and is a member of the International Applied Improvisation Network. She introduced the attendees to some key principles behind improv that embrace positivism, teamwork, adventurous spirit, and spontaneity. Participants found the idea and experience of improv quite relevant to what they do in a business setting or life in general.

It was a fun evening, both relaxing and stimulating and left many of us feeling our minds a bit more agile and livelier than before.