Monday, 28th April 2014
A Blair Reeve Performance and open meeting

By Laura Cook

New Zealand writer and performance poet, Blair Reeve shared several examples in a group of recent work he calls "sound poems."

Blair performs his poems from memory in a rapid-fire delivery akin to scat singing or rap. Between the poems he discussed experimenting with the line between pure sound and meaning to determine how far he can push sense toward nonsense, without losing all sense. The poems all have a specific context and source but their relative obscurity makes them exciting, often funny, and in flashes, profound. Existence is never fully comprehensible and neither are the poems.

The poem set provoked an interesting and lively discussion about the use of sound and the craft behind creating and performing the poems.

Guest poet, John Wall Barger, also performed two poems from his books, Hummingbird (2012) and Pain-proof Men (2009).

You can often hear Blair perform, along with other local poets, the first Wednesday of the month at Poetry OutLoud at the Fringe Club.