Monday, 29th September 2014


By Carol Dyer


Monday 29th September, as it turned out, was the day after the start of Occupy Central, the civil disobedience movement which began in Hong Kong on September 28th and called on thousands of protesters to block roads and paralyze Hong Kong's financial district.

Not surprisingly, a number of members who had registered for the networking event at at the former Police Married Quarters (PMQ) on Aberdeen Street cried off, unsure as to whether they would ever get to Aberdeen Street or home again. The dozen or so who did make it to this very interesting revitalized historic facility spent a useful couple of hours exchanging publishing tips. Among those attending were a few non-members who were grateful to have the opportunity to glean advice from those present with experience of either finding publishing related work in Hong Kong or knew how to go about getting literary agents, marketing books or choosing typesetters and illustrators etc.

For anyone living or working in the area, PMQ is an attractive venue, to meet at, work at, eat or shop. Shannon had prepared an orientation "treasure hunt", intended to send us up and along the corridors of the building's several floors, but in the end everyone seemed more than content to soak up the historic atmosphere and sit and swap experiences!

The evening ended with a draw for some recently published books.