Tuesday, 14th October 2014
Everything you need to know about publishing your story.



By Dana  Baluk


Susan Blumberg-Kason flew in from Chicago to tell an audience of WiPS members and non-members of her experiences writing and publishing her memoir "Good Chinese Wife".


She candidly shared her path between writing, rewriting, pitching, querying, editing, rewriting again and even re-pitching her relationship memoir to agents and publishers. She learned valuable lessons on the bumpy road to publication and had several tips to pass on to the audience. What we can learn from rejection? How do you apply the seemingly negative comments you might receive from editors and agents? Is it OK to keep querying or pitching to other agents and publishers even if one has already shown interest?  What are the benefits of independent editors and are they necessary? Susan also spoke of the value of reading to help your own writing, especially, but not limited to, of books in your own genre.


She also dispelled a few myths and widely accepted beliefs. For example, she addressed the hot topic of platform vs. a good story and which is more likely to impress an agent. She challenged the suggestion that you should only query an agent or publisher who has worked with your specific genre. She also found it acceptable to re-query the same publisher or agent. Having incorporated recommended changes and fixing some of the problems with her manuscript, she had a product that was worth re-pitching.


The key take-away from Susan's presentation was her message to never give up. If something didn't work, she would try again and again. In the end her determination paid off. She launched a beautiful book that represents the sum of all her hard efforts.