Wednesday, 25 November 2015
WiPS Celebrates Silver!


By Sarah Merrill Mowat


Thank you to all who joined us to celebrate 25 years of Women in Publishing Society Hong Kong. We were delighted that so many friends of WiPS through the years were able to help us mark the occasion. We spent a wonderful evening together, finding our teams for the eveningˇ¦s literary quiz and then puzzling through the answers.

Many thanks to Christine Bruce and Jenny Eagleton for being our quiz masters extraordinaire! Congratulations to the J.K. Rowling team (Magnus Bartlett, Henna Bawany, Carol Dyer and Cassi Zarzyka) for coming out on top. Congratulations also to Winsome Lane and Meenaksjhi Gupta for their winning silver outfits.

We would also like the thank the FCC for allowing us the use of their facilities over the years for our many events and on this occasion for providing an extremely delicious and appropriately decorated Black Forest anniversary cake.