Wednesday, 20 January 2016
An Evening of Storytelling at the FCC with Janet Mann


By Denise Richardson


In the midst of the recent cold spell, WiPS held a storytelling event at the FCC. Members and guests mingled over canapés and drinks awaiting the presentation by Janet Mann. Janet is a member of the British Society of Storytellers, there to share how storytelling can be incorporated in the business world.

To a packed room, the first message Janet shared was that stories should never be memorized. Through an interactive storytelling exercise, we learned how stories change when they are retold. The listener rarely remembers a story verbatim, thus there are often some interesting spins as stories are passed on.

Storytelling is as ancient as time. If you want to be an effective storyteller remember these key points:

  • Be focused, comfortable and relaxed
  • Make engaging eye contact
  • Maintain a charismatic presence
  • Speak with an appropriate volume for the audience 
  • Enunciate
  • Use non-verbal communication such as facial expressions to clarify the meaning of the text
  • If dialogue is used, make the characters believable to the listener
  • Present the story efficiently and keep the listeners' interest throughout

Some interesting, and heartwarming workplace stories were shared by members throughout the evening.