Wednesday 9 March 2016
Exploring the Relationship Between Images and Stories


By Luisa Ternau

Celia Claase, the 2015 Proverse Prize co-winner, led a workshop for an intimate group at the FCC. After the usual mingling over canapés and drinks, the workshop started with Celia proclaiming her long and ongoing love affair with her camera and the awareness it brings when taking images of the surrounding world. This awareness has changed forever her approach to the creative process. The camera has helped her to focus intensely on the objects around her thus discovering layers of meaning not initially imagined. However, in Celia's own words, "images do not live up to reality". She therefore chooses to describe her freshly awoken awareness in words.

Celia's main intentions behind the workshop were to invite the audience to have a love affair with the world, and to demonstrate how visual images can be used to develop characters, settings and scenes. Special attention was given to the sense of perception. Celia asked the audience to close their eyes and picture a sequence of images that she was describing. After the audience opened their eyes and was shown the corresponding photos, it was clear how wildly interpretation and imagination differ from actual visual images.

Finally the audience was given the opportunity to interpret some of Celia's images into their own words and share their creations. The workshop ended convincingly with the message to focus on all the visible components of the physical reality, which may assist writers to create images in their work.