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January 2012
10 January 2012
The Dialogue Gap
Peter Nixon talked about the Dialogue Gap and how it affects people working in the publishing industry.
December 2011
6 December 2011
Christmas Quiz Night

WiPS members enjoyed a merry night quizzing with other members.

November 2011
8 November 2011
Learn More about Self-publishing

Entrepreneur and author Christopher Dillon discussed the lessons he'd learnt writing, producing, and publishing two books and an audiobook.

October 2011
Tuesday, 18th October 2011
Networking Night 2011

Meeting and greeting new members, co-members, committee and those who just want to chat about writing or publishing.

September 2011
27 September 2011
Redefining Success -- Erica Lyons talks about The Growth of a Niche Market Publication
Erica Lyons explains how she set up her own niche market publication.