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June 2011
Digital Publishing - Charles Lai, Editorial Director, OUP China Ltd, spoke about e-books and all manner of digital publishing.
Charles Lai was just the man to talk us through e-publishing with his background as an English teacher, in e-learning, multimedia publishing and even, he admitted, a failing online bookstore.  
May 2011
Tuesday, 17th May 2011
Three Authors discuss their different publishing experiences.
Once you've written your book, how do you go about getting it published?
April 2011
Tuesday, 12th April, 2011
Literary Arts Project Grant with Queenie Lau, Arts Support Manager HKADC
Those who came to hear Queenie Lau of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council talk about the provision of Council funding for Hong Kong writers, hoping there might be something in it for them, were not to be disappointed.  
March 2011
Monday, 14 March 2011
IMPRINT Launch and WiPS' 21st Anniversary Celebration

By general consensus this was one of the best Imprint launch parties ever. The food was plentiful, the drinks flowed freely, Nury Vittachi kept us laughing, conversations sparkled, Student Competition winners showed how they continue to uphold the art of creative writing in this day of SMS-speak, and members and guests won fantastic prizes.

January 2011
Tuesday, 11 January 2011
Gillian Bickley talked about the establishment and success of the Proverse Prize and discussed how WiPS members could enter this annual writing competition.

Gillian Bickley, a long time writer/author, educator and co-director of Proverse Hong Kong, a local publishing company, spoke to WiPS on the subject of getting published.