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December 2010
Wednesday, 8 December 2010
Janet Mann discusses the Art of Storytelling in a lively pre-Christmas setting
The Christmas Charity Event.
The evening was a joyful and festive blend of storytelling and interactive chatter amongst attendees.  
November 2010
22 - 27 November 2010
WiPS Writing Workshops At The Helena May
"The right words to promote you or your business" by Susanna Bryceson
"Websites and Social Networking" by Sherryl Clark
Wednesday 17 November
Blair Reeve presents an Evening of Performance Poetry
New Zealand poet Blair Reeve gave us an insight into the whys and wherefores of live performance poetry when he got up to strut his verbal stuff at this interesting event.
October 2010
Tuesday 19 October 2010
Stefania Lucchetti, Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant and Coach, Asks if We Own Our Time

Author, motivational speaker, consultant and coach Stefania Lucchetti, the author of The Principle of Relevance, spoke about the paradoxical consequences of data overload. 

September 2010
Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Norm Yip Photographer and AuthorTalks about his Photographic Passion

Chinese-born-Canadian, Norm Yip, talked about his most treasured photographs over the past 10 years and showcased his Asian Male photography books.