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July 2015
Wednesday, 23 September 2015
How to be an entrepreneur in the language industry
Details of this event at the FCC are being finalised.  
Tuesday, 7th July 2015
Get Creative for Summer!



By Sarah Wong

Master story teller and long time WiPS member Kay Ross led a fun-filled evening designed to unleash the creative skills of the 20 plus participants. Using interactive tools and games, the group was introduced to several effective ways to overcome any fear of writer's block.

To begin, everyone simply listed three of their favourite things. We compared and combined them with others' in the room to find some imaginative, and in some cases, outrageous, business ideas for those with an entrepreneurial bent.

Story Cubes provided simple fodder for the next few exercises. They are essentially dice with random pictures on each side, which can be used in an infinite number of ways and combinations. Stories and poems from the comic to the deep and provocative sprang out of nowhere. Story telling has never been more lively, fun, and easy. 

The takeaway lesson is that you only need pen and paper, a few ideas to start you off and if youˇ¦re lucky, some open-minded WiPS members to bounce ideas around with, and your creative juices will flow.

The evening was capped with a secret book swap. It was like Christmas in July as everyone unwrapped books to inspire, learn and entertain during the hot summer months.

June 2015
Thursday, June 4
An Evening of Bibliomania

March 2015
Friday, 20 March 2015
IMPRINT 14 Launch Party
Celebrating the effort and talent that goes into the production of our annual anthology.  
Feburary 2015
Monday 9 February 2015
New Year Networking with Special Guest Robyn Flemming
Catch up with your fellow women in publishing at a networking event featuring special guest Robyn Flemming.